About Hopalytics

About Hopalytics

Hopalytics is an independent data analytics project not tied to any brewery or brewing industry organization. The project is in its infancy; with the 2019 Texas Craft Beer Report being its first publication. 

At its core, the Hopalytics project believes that greater access to data, information and analysis for both consumers and brewers is key in helping the growth of the independent craft beer market in Texas.

Hopalytics is a proud supporter of independent craft brewers and the Brewers Association

Hopalytics is a proud Allied-Trade member of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild

The Team

The Hopalytics project has had input from a number of stakeholders and our core team bring their own skills and experience to gather, analyze and publish data:

Aled Owens

Aled brings his love for beer and his 10-year data scientist and writing background in Higher Education. He has been involved in some of the world’s leading university rankings projects.

Joel Goodman

Joel brings his passion for technology and beer, and his deep understanding of consumer behavior. He also owns and runs Bakehat Bread and Bravery Media.


Mandy brings her extensive communications and university rankings background, along with her experience of growing up in a craft brewing household.


Adam brings his brewery-owning and engineering experience to advise the project on key data-points that are important to brewery owners.

J.D. (a.k.a @txbeerdude) is one of Texas beer’s key social media influencers. J.D. visits breweries across the State and brings a unique perspective and understanding of what beer drinkers are looking for.

Contact Hopalytics

Have questions? Want to get involved? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch at info@hopalytics.com