Hopalytics announces partnership with BrewStubs

Hopalytics has announced a partnership with the Austin-based craft beer ticketing company BrewStubs.

About the partnership

BrewStubs is a new online marketplace for craft beer consumers to discover and reserve beer, merchandise and admission from their favorite craft breweries and craft beer events.

The BrewStubs platform launches in Texas in May 2020 and will help craft breweries connect with consumers as taprooms start to re-open following recent shutdowns. Described by its first craft brewery clients as the “Ticketmaster of craft beer” BrewStubs will give breweries the opportunity to reach a wider consumer audience.

David Sher, CEO of BrewStubs says “I’m thrilled to have Hopalytics as a launch client of BrewStubs. The Hopalytics partnership is really exciting. The reports that the team have produced have been, and will continue to be, of benefit to BrewStubs.  I see a long term relationship developing that will no doubt benefit both companies.”

Aled Owens of Hopalytics is excited to be working on the project “Craft breweries need all of the help that they can get right now, and a platform that is free for them to use that helps to drive consumer engagement is very well timed. Craft breweries and craft beer drinkers will be excited to learn about BrewStubs.”

Gifting a beer

Along with driving taproom visits and facilitating limited beer releases and event ticketing, the platform will give the ability to gift beer. Consumers will be able to receive a craft brewery’s beer as a gift from anyone in the country, which they pick up or consume at the brewery taproom. Owens continues “I think the gifting feature is needed in the industry, especially now. For someone to be able to buy a friend a ‘happy birthday beer’ or ‘thank-you beer’ at their local brewery is a huge revenue opportunity for a brewery”.

BrewStubs launches in Texas in May 2020, and across the US later in the year. The Hopalytics team will be working to help connect breweries and consumers to the BrewStubs platform. To find out more go to