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Hopalytics Report on Effects of COVID on craft drinkers

Our team published the results of the “COVID-19 craft beer drinkers” survey. You can download the report here.

The report gives some encouraging signs and helpful insights for craft breweries who are persevering with beer-to-go sales while taprooms and venues are closed.

1. Craft beer drinkers are drinking more

The overwhelming response from our survey was that craft beer drinkers are still drinking craft beer. Despite the concern that macro beer would be an easy substitute at the grocery store, a significant number of respondents said that they were both drinking more beer overall and more craft beer overall.

2. Breweries need to focus on their established consumer base

The survey data suggests that consumers are sticking to what they know during the lockdown and are not trying beer from as many new breweries as they usually would.

Loyalty to a craft brewery was the #1 consideration for consumers choosing a brewery to buy beer-to-go. Craft breweries need to take advantage of this and engage with their closest consumers: regulars, mug club members and historical supporters. Breweries have seen success with a number of tactics: Facebook and WhatsApp groups, weekly virtual happy hours and social media giveaways are all great ways to keep your loyal consumers buying beer and sharing your message online.

We virtually joined the Acopon Brewing happy hour this evening. A great way to celebrate #nationwidecheers. Go buy beer-to-go! Local craft breweries rely on you continuing to buy their beer. Cheers y'all!

Posted by Hopalytics on Friday, April 3, 2020
3. Don’t forget loyal consumers who are a little further away

A surprising insight from the survey is how far craft beer drinkers are willing to travel to buy beer-to-go. One in four consumers said they would travel over 20 miles to buy from a craft brewery. To take advantage of this, craft breweries can increase the regularity of their new releases and offers – so that their consumers who are further away know when to plan their brewery visits in advance.

Also be clear on all of the buying options available – if consumers can get your beer mailed or delivered, then make sure those who are further afield get a clear link to buy. This may mean different email content for consumers within 30 miles and those further away.

4. Communication is key

Consumers want to receive regular, consistent, and clear updates from their favorite breweries to easily pick up beer-to-go. Breweries should prioritize regular updates to email lists and social media at a set time every day, every other day or every week. Any important changes should be pinned and highlighted at the top of each social channel. It is important to control the messaging that comes out of your establishment and having easy-to-find updates helps this.

Quality of information available through social media updates was the 2nd most important factor for consumers in choosing which brewery to buy beer-to-go from. Be clear on availability, upcoming releases and instructions on your to-go process.

5. Stick to popular styles

Many breweries have reported that they are seeing increases in sales of higher ABV beer, likely due to the fact that is easier to drink high ABV beer at home than in the taproom. At the same time, consumers are reporting that they are trying far fewer new beers and styles than usual.

The data suggests that during the lockdown breweries would better fare with a “more of the same” approach rather than branching out to new styles for the first-time.

6. Show how safe and easy it is to get beer-to-go

Over half of consumers listed how safe and sanitary a brewery to-go process is as a deciding factor in whether they bought beer to go. As a brewery, you can go out of your way to demonstrate to consumers ahead of time the steps you are taking to keep them safe.

It is worth creating a short video or virtual tour that walks consumers through your beer-to-go process. If consumers can see how easy it is to pick up your beer, they are more likely to come and give it a try.
7. Start to prepare for a normal in how consumers search and reserve craft beer

It will be a while until taprooms are buzzing again with people – and even once they are full again, there will always be consumers who are extra careful and not willing to be amongst crowds. Fewer consumers will also want to wait in line for limited release beer.

The lockdown is showing us that consumers are looking for more ways to search for and reserve beer online, and so as a brewery you can use this time to test online, advanced sales, and pre-order platforms and processes that can remain in place once your taproom is open again.
8. Gift cards are not selling as they should be

Consumers commented on wanting to buy brewery gift cards but reported that it was often difficult to find cards online, and once they were found cards available with the amount they wanted – work with your POS to see if you can offer a flexible price amount. Consumers mentioned Jester King Brewery as having a great gift-card setup on their website.
9. Organizing and innovating is helping breweries and their staff

In tough times, consumers are reporting numerous examples of breweries making the best of bad situations to both sell beer and support brewery staff. A number of local, state-wide and national campaigns have been formed to help formalize these movements including Community Beer’s #NationwideCheers campaign.

One innovation in brewing that opens huge possibilities is the rise in virtual brewery collaborations; opening the door for future collabs that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible.

10. Data suggests that consumers are ready to buy – lobby your politicians

If the “Effects of COVID-19 on US Craft Drinkers” report tells us one thing it is that craft beer drinkers want easier and more convenient access to craft beer. State laws differ substantially, and in many cases are restricting craft breweries ability to get beer into the hands of consumers who want to buy. This bureaucracy is putting our craft brewery businesses at risk – and so requires an organized collaborative effort to change laws and restrictions.

Every stakeholder of the craft brewing industry should be vocal about changes that need to be made in their State. You can find your representatives here

Read our post: 15 tips for selling curbside: best practices for craft breweries beer to-go planning

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15 tips for selling curbside: best practices for craft breweries beer to-go planning

craft breweries beer to-go

The Hopalytics team has collated tips to help maximize the impact of craft breweries beer to-go set-ups. We talked with breweries across the US to find best-case examples of recently set-up beer to-go stations at craft brewery taprooms.

Here are things that are important for craft breweries to focus on as they continue to sell beer to consumers during the COVID-19 outbreak:

1. Plan your to-go process so that consumers are safe

It is important to understand the physical journey someone is going to take when arriving at your brewery. Your setup needs to allow for safe and easy pick-up as well as the ability to form a line with maximum social distancing.

As the spread of the virus increases, consumers are less likely to want to leave their car to pick up to-go orders. If you are able to, it is important to have the ability to place product directly in the back of consumers cars and trucks.

2. Be safe and clean

It goes without saying that transferring your high standards of cleanliness from taproom to beer to-go is crucial. All employees should be wearing protective gloves and changing them often.

From a consumer perspective, ensuring that they can purchase beer-to-go with no or very little person-to-person contact is important. It is also important to offer hand sanitizer for customers at point of sale and collection stations.

3. Make it clear what you need consumers to do

One of the best ways to keep consumers and employees safe is to reduce the time required for person-to-person interaction. Clear signage – not just for pick-up but for parking as well – can give consumers info that they would instead have needed to ask about.

Make it clear what you want consumers to do as soon as they enter your property. The first thing consumers should see is signage with instructions/rules on how to pick-up. They should also see a menu with exactly what to-go options are available, again to reduce the time they need to speak to anyone on-site.

It is easy to film a 30-second virtual tour from a consumer perspective which becomes great social media content and acts as a clear example of how to buy beer safely.

4. Offer Additional on-site tipping options

Consumers are keen to support your tipped staff – and so ensure that your point of sale and to-go sales process allows for this.

Some breweries have set-up a tip bucket at their property exit that consumers can drop cash into (without touching it). Others have added a donation card as an online ordering option that goes towards tipped staff.

5. Offer online ordering, over the phone, text confirmations etc

It is important to encourage pre-ordering, even if a consumer orders from their car 2 minutes before they reach the taproom. Pre-ordering drastically reduces the amount of person-to-person interaction required to complete a to-go transaction.

Alongside online ordering, consider offering phone and text options as well. To maximize sales you need to offer a number of communication mediums to include every consumer behavior. Consider putting a text/call phone number on the first sign that consumers see in case they have not yet ordered-ahead.

6. Collect email addresses and phone numbers

Over the next few weeks/months communication is going to be key in helping small businesses engage with consumers. Check to see whether your point-of-sale system collects (and validates!) email addresses and/or phone numbers.

As you process transactions, ask for email addresses and phone numbers (have a way for your employees to collect) – even if they are already collected at your point of sale. You want to have your consumers’ most up to date and primary email address that is checked most often – whereas point of sale systems often have an older saved email address attached to them.

7. Encourage social media follows

As with ensuring you have your consumers’ most up to date email address, it is important to drive your consumers to follow your social accounts so that you can maximize information flow over the next few weeks.

One tip to maximize social engagement is to encourage consumers to document their to-go experience to share online, and make sure they know to tag your brewery in their posts. If you are actively re-sharing anyone who posts about their experience, this will encourage others to produce content as well.

8. Constantly communicate

Another key thing to focus on as you offer beer to-go is your communication plan. You should plan daily social media posts; and get into a routine and be consistent about style and information that each one details.

Online behaviors have changed overnight with social distancing, and consumers are seeing and engaging with a lot more social posts. You should also prioritize being able to answer questions online and engage with consumers as their share content on your brewery

To save time, you can use free social media tools such as Hootsuite to create one post that can be shared across social platforms. At a minimum, this is an easy way to share to Instagram,. Facebook and Twitter and you can schedule posts ahead of time.

You should also use your existing email lists and newly collected email addresses to send regular email communication about any changes in your hours, to-go process or offerings.

9. Tap-into local, regional and nationwide campaigns

There are many organized online campaigns that are helping to co-ordinate and drive local craft breweries beer to-go sales.

Some of these campaigns are time-sensitive and can help to drive to-go sales in the run up to their execution. For example the #NationwideCheers campaign organized by Community Beer Company runs each Friday at 5pm and can help to drive Thursday and Friday sales.

Other online local campaigns include virtual happy hours and toasts. It is also very easy to coordinate virtual “Cheers” amongst the people who have purchased your beer to-go, and this encourages them to return. Consider systems like Zoom to host online gatherings and update your regular consumers.

10. Get on every 3rd party to-go list

There are a number of local, regional and national lists of breweries selling beer-to-go forming online – and it is important that your brewery be listed on each relevant list.

Also look at your local community websites and social media pages for lists forming of all small businesses offering to-go options in your town/city.

Examples include: put together a nationwide list of to-go beer options by brewery.

Hopalytics compiled a national list of breweries selling gift cards online.

Regional list examples include those for breweries in Colorado, Austin, Ohio, Pittsburgh, North Texas and San Diego. It is easy to search online for your location through Google or Twitter.

11. Offer gift-cards online

As you can see with the Hopalytics list above, many breweries offer online gift cards. Gift cards are an option for consumers to support you without coming to the taproom to pick up beer. There is a growing online campaign for small business supporters to buy gift cards as a safe way of supporting their local brewery as well as having something to look forward to once the virus restrictions are over.

Ensure that you add Gift Cards to online ordering menus and to your online store.

12. Manage your can/crowler supply-chain

Over the next few weeks your suppliers will be under increased pressure with both increased demand from breweries and interruptions in their own supply-chains. Make sure you are in constant contact with your suppliers to identify supply-chain issues ahead of time.

When it comes to to-go cans and crowlers, you should worry less about can aesthetic and more about can quantity and availability. Consumers buying to-go beer are more concerned with safety and cleanliness than can artwork!

13. Lean on your partners

Once you have your to-go process finalized and are ready to communicate, use your distribution, restaurant or retail partners to help promote your to-go set-up. If your wholesales partners are in a position to sell your beer to-go then make sure you are promoting them as well – every stakeholder has a vested interest in seeing your to-go campaign succeed.

14. Encourage consumers to come back

Every consumer who visits your beer-to-go set-up is a potential return-visitor: they are identifying themselves as someone who wants to support your brewery and is willing to drive to pick-up to-go beer. It is important that you work to ensure that these consumers return week after week. You should collect their contact information to be able to communicate about your next beer release. If you are able to, consider throwing in a $5 gift card for orders over $50.

In terms of content, it is also important to tell the story of your brewery and the people behind it. At a time when consumers are keen to support small businesses, it will help to have the story behind your brewery readily available online.

15. Use all of the information available to you

Additional resources for craft breweries beer-to-go set-up:


Brewers Association resource hub –

CDC Situation Summary –

Follow Hopalytics on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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Nationwide Cheers campaign to support craft breweries

Community Beer Company in Dallas is living up to its name and organizing a Nationwide Cheers campaign to support craft beer breweries.

The virtual, from-home event will take place at 5pm on Friday March 20th, and is designed to encourage consumers to use curbside to-go stores at craft breweries over the country who have had to close taprooms due to COVID-19.

Nationwide Cheers

The initiative has already started to spread across the US – and Chelsie Markel of the ItsABrewLife website based in Pennsylvania spoke in detail to Corey Dickinson of Community Beer about the initiative.

Consumers can show their participation using the Facebook event – and are encouraged to share the event far and wide.

The Nationwide Cheers initiative is one of a number of ways that consumers can support their local craft breweries. The Hopalytics team are continuing to update the list of breweries across the US offering online gift-card purchase.

Breweries USA

Support American craft breweries through COVID-19 with gift card purchases

USA lights on

With the growing restrictions due to the COVID-19 outbreak there is a real fear for the impact on small-business owners reliant on in-person sales. Many small independent craft breweries fall into this category as taprooms are forced to close.

There is a growing online movement by craft beer drinkers to support our independent craft breweries through this time by purchasing online gift cards that can be used once the crisis is over.

We have compiled a State-by-State list of breweries and craft-beer companies who are offering gift card purchase directly online. A purchase will help the brewery with short-term cash flow and give you – the consumer – something great to look forward to once the crisis is over.

If you are a brewery and have online gift-card purchase link, where your receive the revenue directly and instantly – please reach out to be added to this list:

See breweries by State:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Washington D.C. West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming


Breweries and brewpubs in Alabama directly selling gift cards online:

Birmingham – Back Forty Beer Company

Gulf Shores – Big Beach Brewing Company

Huntsville – Straight to Ale

Huntsville – Yellowhammer Brewing

Mobile – Serda Brewing

Montgomery – Common Bond Brewers

Opelika – Resting Pulse Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Alaska directly selling gift cards online:

Anchorage – Glacier Brewhouse

Anchorage – Midnight Sun Brewing

Juneau – Alaskan Brewing Company

Palmer – Arkose Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Arizona directly selling gift cards online:

Chandler – San Tan Brewing

Chandler – The Perch Brewery

Flagstaff – Historic Brewing Company

Flagstaff – Beaver Street Brewery

Fountain Hills – Bone Haus Brewing

Flagstaff – Lumberyard Brewing Company

Goodyear – Saddle Mountain Brewing Company

Mesa – Red, White & Brew

Phoenix – Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Phoenix – O.H.S.O Eatery & Nano Brewery

Phoenix – Wren House Brewing Co.

Tucson – Pueblo Vida Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Arkansas directly selling gift cards online:

Little Rock – Lost Fourty Brewing

Paris – Prestonrose Farm and Brewing Co

Springdale – Saddlebock Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in California directly selling gift cards online:

Berkeley – Fieldwork Brewing Company

Ceres – Blaker Brewing

Davis – Three Mile Brewing

Los Angeles – Boomtown Brewery

Los Angeles – HopSaint Brewing Co

Los Angeles – Modern Times Dankness Dojo

Los Angeles – Monkish Brewing Co.

LA Beer Hop brewery tours – buy gift cards here

Oakland – Original Pattern Brewing Company

Sacramento – Alaro Craft Brewery

San Diego – Belching Beaver Brewery

San Diego – Coronado Brewing Company

San Diego – Mission Brewery

San Diego – Hillcrest Brewing Company

San Diego – Kilowatt Brewing

San Diego – Brewery Tours of San Diego – buy gift card

San Francisco – Barebottle Brew Co

San Francisco – Black Hammer Brewing

San Francisco – Cellarmaker Brewing Co.

Santa Barbara – Modern Times Academy of Recreational Sciences

Santa Cruz – Humble Sea Brewing Co.

Windsor – Russian River Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Colorado directly selling gift cards online:

Boulder – Avery Brewing Company

Boulder – Twisted Pine Brewing Company

Colorado Springs – Bristol Brewing Company

Colorado Springs – Colorado Mountain Brewery

Denver – Denver Beer Co.

Denver – Fiction Beer Company

Denver – Great Divide Brewing Co.

Denver – Platt Park Brewing

Denver – Wynkoop Brewing Co

Fort Collins – Black Bottle Brewery

Fort Collins – Horse and Dragon Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Connecticut directly selling gift cards online:

Derby – The Hops Company

Kent – Kent Falls Brewing Company

Oxford – Black Hog Brewing

Ridgefield – Nod Hill Brewery

Connecticut Beer Tours – buy gift cards here


Breweries and brewpubs in Delaware directly selling gift cards online:

Delmar – 3rd Wave Brewing Co.

Dover – Fordham & Dominion Brewing Company

Lewes – Crooked Hammock Brewery

Rehoboth Beach – Revelation Craft Brewing

Smyrna – Blue Earl Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Florida directly selling gift cards online:

Brandenton – Motorworks Brewing

Clermont – Clermont Brewing Company

Coral Springs – Big Bear Brewing Co

Dunedin – Dunedin Brewery

Gainesville – Swamp Head Brewery

Orlando – Dead Lizard Brewing Company

Orlando – Orlando Brewing

Orlando – Park Pizza & Brewing Co.

Orlando – RockPit Brewing

Tallahassee – Proof Brewing Company

Tampa – Coppertail Brewing Co.

Vero Beach – Walking Tree Brewery

Winter Garden – Crooked Can Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Georgia directly selling gift cards online:

Alpharetta – Loyal Q and Brew

Athens – Terrapin Beer Co.

Atlanta – Monday Night Brewing

Decatur – Three Taverns Craft Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Hawaii directly selling gift cards online:

Big Island – Kona Brewing Co

Oahu – Honolulu – Honolulu Beerworks


Breweries and brewpubs in Idaho directly selling gift cards online:

Boise – Boise Brewing

Boise – White Dog Brewing Co.

Hailey – Sawtooth Brewery

Pocatello – Portneuf Valley Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Illinois directly selling gift cards online:

Chicago – Half Acre Beer Company

Chicago – Maplewood Brewery & Distillery

Chicago – Off Color Brewing

Chicago – Revolution Brewing

Chicago-land – Evanston – Temperance Beer Co

Chicago-land – Lombard – Noon Whistle Brewing

Chicago-land – Machesney Park – Pig Minds Brewing Co.

Chicago-land – Mundelein – Tighthead Brewing Company

Chicago-land – Naperville – Solemn Oath Brewery

Chicago-land – Villa Park – More Brewing Company

Galena – Galena Brewing Company

Lemont – Pollyanna Brewing Company

Monticello – Monarch Brewing Company

Ottowa – Tangled Roots Brewing Company

Springfield – Engrained Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Indiana directly selling gift cards online:

Bloomington – Upland Brewing Company

Fishers – Four Day Ray Brewing

Hammond – 18th St Brewery

Mishawaka – Evil Czech Brewery

Munster – 3 Floyds


Breweries and brewpubs in Iowa directly selling gift cards online:

Amana – Millstream Brewing Co.

Decorah – Toppling Goliath Brewing Co

Des Moines – Exile Brewing Company

Des Moines – Confluence Brewing Company

Iowa City – Big Grove Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Kansas directly selling gift cards online:

Emporia – Radius Brewing Company

Hays – Defiance Brewing Company

Overland Park/Kansas City – Brew Lab

Overland Park/Kansas City – Martin City Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Kentucky directly selling gift cards online:

Lexington – West Sixth Brewing

Louisville – Bluegrass Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Louisiana directly selling gift cards online:

Hammond – Gnarly Barley Brewing

New Orleans – Crescent City Brewhouse

New Orleans – NOLA Brewing Company

New Orleans – Urban South Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Maine directly selling gift cards online:

Augusta – Cushnoc Brewing

Bangor – Sea Dog Brewing Company

Freeport – Maine Beer Company

Portland – Goodfire Brewing Company

Portland – Island Dog Brewing

Portland – Portland Beer Hub

Portland – Rising Tide Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Maryland directly selling gift cards online:

Baltimore – Diamondback Brewing Company

Hunt Valley – B.C. Brewery

Laurel – Jailbreak Brewing Company

Odenton – Crooked Crab Brewing Co.

Rockville – 7 Locks Brewing

Salisbury – Evolution Craft Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Massachusetts directly selling gift cards online:

Boston – Beerworks Brewing Company

Boston – Dorchester Brewing Company

Charlton – Tree House Brewing Company

Everett – Night Shift Brewing

Milford – CraftRoots Brewing

Northampton – Northampton Brewery

Westminster – Wachusett Brewing Company

Worcester – Greater Good Imperial Brew Co.


Breweries and brewpubs in Michigan directly selling gift cards online:

Ann Arbour – Arbour Brewing

Ann Arbour – Blue Tractor BBQ & Brewery

Detroit – Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Detroit – Atwater Brewery

Detroit – Jolly Pumpkin

Grand Rapids – Atwater Brewery

Marquette – Blackrocks Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Minnesota directly selling gift cards online:

Duluth – Bent Paddle Brewing

Minneapolis – Surly Brewing Co.

Minneapolis – Town Hall Brewery

Moorhead – Junkyard Brewing Company

Reads Landing – Reads Landing Brewing Company

Spring Park – Back Channel Brewing

Two Harbors – Castle Danger Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Mississippi directly selling gift cards online:

Kiln – Lazy Magnolia Brewery (merch only)

Oxford – Jackson Beer Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Missouri directly selling gift cards online:

Columbia – Flat Branch Pub & Brewing

Kansas City – Beer KC

Springfield – Tie & Timber Beer Co.

St Louis – Urban Chestnut Brewing Company

St Louis – Schlafly Beer, Saint Louis Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Montana directly selling gift cards online:

Missoula – Gild Brewing

Missoula – Highlander Beer


Breweries and brewpubs in Nebraska directly selling gift cards online:

Lincoln – Lazlo’s Brewery

McCook – Loop Brewing Company

Omaha – Lazlo’s Brewery

Omaha – Thunderhead Brewing

Omaha – Upstream Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Nevada directly selling gift cards online:

Las Vegas – Big Dog’s Brewing Co.

Reno – Lead Dog Brewing

Sparks – Great Basin Brewing Company

New Hampshire

Breweries and brewpubs in New Hampshire directly selling gift cards online:

Conway – Tuckerman Brewing Co

Hampton – Smuttynose Brewing Company

Manchester – Great North Aleworks

Meredith – Twin Barns Brewing Company

North Woodstock – Woodstock Inn Brewery

Portsmouth – Portsmouth Brewery

New Jersey

Breweries and brewpubs in New Jersey directly selling gift cards online:

Atlantic Highlands – Carton Brewing

Avalon – Slack Tide Brewing Company

Cape May – Cold Spring Brewery

Denville – Fort Nonsense Brewing Company

Hackettstown – Jersey Girl Brewing

Tinton Falls – Jughandle Brewing Company

New Mexico

Breweries and brewpubs in New Mexico directly selling gift cards online:

Albuquerque – Ponderosa Brewing

Albuquerque – Steel Bender Brewyard

Corrales – Ex Novo Brewing Company

Rio Rancho – Turtle Mountain Brewing Company

Santa Fe – Chili Line Brewery

Santa Fe – Santa Fe Brewing

New York

Breweries and brewpubs in New York directly selling gift cards online:

Auburn – Prison City Brewing

Buffalo – Resurgence Brewing Co.

Ellicottville – Ellicottville Brewing Company

Hudson Valley – Hudson Valley Brewery

Ithaca – Ithaca Beer Co

Lake Placid – Big Slide Brewery

New York City – Brooklyn – Circa Brewing Co

New York City – Brooklyn – Other Half Brewing

New York City – Long Island – Port Jeff Brewing

New York City – The Bronx – The Bronx Brewery

Poughkeepsie – Mill House Brewing Company

North Carolina

Breweries and brewpubs in North Carolina directly selling gift cards online:

Asheville – Asheville Brewing Company

Boone – Lost Province Brewing Co.

Charlotte – Wooden Robot Brewery

Durham – Fullsteam Brewery

Fayetteville – Mash House Brewing Company

Raleigh – Trophy Brewing Company

Southern Pines – Southern Pines Brewing Company

Wilmington – Front Street Brewery

North Dakota

Breweries and brewpubs in North Dakota directly selling gift cards online:

Fargo – Drekker Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Ohio directly selling gift cards online:

Cincinnati – Fifty West Brewing Company

Cincinnati – Mad Tree Brewing

Cincinnati – Rhinegeist Brewery

Cleveland – Collision Bend Brewing

Cuyahoga Falls – HIHO Brewing

Dayton – Mud Lick Tap House

Mt Vernon – Stein Brewing Company

Minerva – Sandy Springs Brewing Company

Westlake – Sibling Revelry Brewing

Yellow Springs – Yellow Springs Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Oklahoma directly selling gift cards online:

Oklahoma City – Bricktown Brewery

Oklahoma City – Roughtail Brewing Co.

Oklahoma City – Stonecloud Brewing Company

Tulsa – Marshall Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Oregon directly selling gift cards online:

Bend – GoodLife Brewing Company

Bend – Worthy Brewing Company

Corvallis – Block 15 Brewing Co

Hood River – Double Mountain Brewery

Portland – Breakside Brewing

Portland – Ecliptic Brewing

Portland – Gigantic Brewing Co

Portland – Hopworks Urban Beer

Portland – Wayfinder Beer


This list was compiled with help from Chelsie Markel (@dzyngrl) of

For additional information also check out the Breweries in Pennsylvania website.

Breweries and brewpubs in Pennsylvania directly selling gift cards online:

Ardmore – Tired Hands Brewing Co also ships beer to PA addresses here

Berwyn – La Cabra Brewing

Braddock – Brew Gentlemen – Take out beer only once ordered online

Carlisle – Market Cross Pub & Brewery – Food Delivery ($5 charge) & Curbside Pickup + Beer Curbside Pickup

Carlisle – Molly Pitcher Brewing Company – call-in for pick-up or deliveries

Indiana – Levity Brewing Company

Exton – Stolen Sun Craft Brewing and Roasting Company – Online ordering for pickup or delivery

Harrisburg – Appalachian Brewing Company

Harrisburg – Boneshire Brew Works: online ordering for curbside pickup

Gettysburg – Fourscore Beer Co

Middletown – Tattered Flag Brewery & Still Works – Food & Drinks for online order/Curbside Pickup

Perkasie – Free Will Brewing Company – also offering online ordering on their website

Philadelphia – Dock Street Brewery

Philadelphia – Manayunk Brewing Company

Philadelphia – Yards Brewing Company

Pittsburgh – Dancing Gnome Brewery – also order online 4-packs for pickup

Pittsburgh – East End Brewing

Pittsburgh – Grist House Craft Brewery

Pittsburgh – Spoonwood Brewing Company

West Chester – Levante Brewing Company also online Can orders for curbside pickup

Rhode Island

Breweries and brewpubs in Rhode Island directly selling gift cards online:

Providence – Bayberry Beer Hall

Providence – Trinity Brewhouse

South Carolina

Breweries and brewpubs in South Carolina directly selling gift cards online:

Charleston – Ghost Monkey Brewery

Charleston – Revelry Brewing Co.

Charleston – Two Blokes Brewing

Rock Hill – Legal Remedy Brewing

South Dakota

Breweries and brewpubs in South Dakota directly selling gift cards online:

Rapid City – Dakota Point Brewing

Rapid City – Firehouse Brewing Company

Rapid City – Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Sioux Falls – Fernson Brewing Company

Sioux Falls – Severance Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Tennessee directly selling gift cards online:

Gatlinburg – Smoky Mountain Brewery

Knoxville – K Brew

Memphis – High Cotton Brewing

Memphis – Wiseacre Brewing Co.

Nashville – Bearded Iris Brewing

Nashville – Jackalope Brewing Company

Nashville – The Black Abbey Brewing Company

Texas – see the full Texas list here


Breweries and brewpubs in Utah directly selling gift cards online:

Layton – Roosters Brewing Company

Moab – Moab Brewery

Salt Lake City – Salt Fire Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Vermont directly selling gift cards online:

Brattleboro – Whetstone Station Restaurant and Brewery

Burlington – Foam Brewers

Northfield – Good Measure Brewing Co.

Stowe – The Alchemist

Stowe – Idletyme Brewing Company


Breweries and brewpubs in Virginia directly selling gift cards online:

Afton – Blue Mountain Brewery

Alexandria – Port City Brewing

Bluemont – Bear Chase Brewing Company

Bluemont – Dirt Farm Brewing

Charlottesville – Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen & Brewery

Manassas – 2 Silos Brewing Company

Portsmouth – MoMac Brewing

Waynesboro – Stable Craft Brewing


Breweries and brewpubs in Washington directly selling gift cards online:

Bellingham – Boundary Bay Brewery

Bellingham – Kulshan Brewing Co

Seattle – Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co.

Seattle – Elliott Bay Brewing Company

Seattle – Georgetown Brewing Co

Seattle – The Beer Junction

Seattle – Two Beers Brewing Co.

Vancouver – Hopworks Urban Beer

Vancouver – Feral Public House/Heathen Brewing

Washington, D.C.

Breweries and brewpubs in Washington DC directly selling gift cards online:

Washington, D.C. – Old Ox Brewery

Washington, D.C. – Right Proper Brewing Company

Washington, D.C. – Hellbender Brewing Company

West Virginia

Breweries and brewpubs in West Virginia directly selling gift cards online:

Charles Town – Abolitionist Ale Works


Breweries and brewpubs in Wisconsin directly selling gift cards online:

Madison – One Barrell Brewing Company

Madison – Giant Jones Brewing

Madison – Working Draft Beer Company

Milwaukee – Good City Brewing

Milwaukee – Lakefront Brewery

Milwaukee – Water Street Brewery

Potosi – Potosi Brewery


Breweries and brewpubs in Wyoming directly selling gift cards online:

Jackson – Snake River Brewing

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