The 2019 Texas Craft Beer Survey

Aled Owens
Aled Owens

Aled Owens is the designer of the Texas Craft Beer Survey; the primary input to the Texas Craft Beer Report.

Many folks have asked us for more information on the consumer respondents to the Texas Craft Beer Survey – and although a lot of this data (and a whole lot more) can be found in the full Texas Craft Beer Report, we are happy to go into more detail:

The Texas Craft Beer Survey

The Texas Craft Beer Survey collected input from 926 craft beer consumers across Texas in September, October and November 2019. We promoted the survey through social media and paid advertising and we specifically targeting craft beer consumers across the length and breadth of Texas.

The survey consisted of 30 questions and was designed to be interesting and thought-provoking to craft beer consumers. It was purposely designed so that it could not be completed quickly in under a few minutes; and in order to complete it required respondents to stop and think about their answers. The average response time was just under 16 minutes; which we felt showed that consumers spent time considering their answers.

The survey was designed to only ask input on the things that individual consumers valued. For example, we only asked people who value live music at a brewery about which breweries they thought were best for live music. We only asked people who liked stouts and porters about the breweries producing the best stouts and porters.

Our survey targeted consumers with a wider knowledge of the Texas craft beer market. It was specifically designed to not be appealing to the general public to try and discourage any survey bias or manipulation. We were not looking to facilitate a popularity contest and we didn’t necessarily want to encourage fair-weather craft consumers – there are already enough places where you can hear from them!

Survey Completion Rate

The nature of the survey meant that a large percentage of consumers had initial interest, then started the survey but did not actually complete it. This was not necessarily a bad thing. Over 3,000 people started the survey – although this included some duplicates (for example folks who returned later once they realized it wasn’t a 2-minute completion) it mostly included consumers who dropped off and didn’t complete the survey at all.

As with any advanced survey, there were a number of reasons for consumers not completing the survey – some of which we were pleased with and some of which were disappointing. In terms of the reasons we had hoped for, we did see significantly greater drop off from consumers who felt they didn’t have enough knowledge to answer the survey. Some consumers even wrote this in the survey itself or in subsequent correspondence. These consumers felt they had been to too few breweries to be able to give qualified input or simply did not have enough experience to reference. This was positive for overall response, however in some cases it also disappointingly affected where respondents came from (and may have alienated some potential quality responders).

Where we were disappointed with the drop off of consumers is those who felt as though they had been to too few breweries not out of choice, but because of the lack of breweries in their geographical area. This meant that we failed to capture consumers in many rural or small metro areas. 92% of consumers who completed the survey resided in one of the four extended metro areas of Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. There were cities in Texas where less than 20 people completed the survey despite more than 200 starting it. Ahead of our 2020 survey we will reach out to some of those folks to understand why they started but didn’t complete the survey at a higher rate than consumers in other parts of Texas and we will make changes accordingly.

By the numbers

We were really pleased with the number of expert consumers who completed the survey and this showed in the responses.

The average consumer respondent reported visiting 29 Texas breweries, and mentioned on average 14 different Texas craft breweries in the text fields responses across the survey. 22% of consumers voted for breweries in at least 2 other major metro areas other than their own – for example someone living in Houston mentioning breweries in both San Antonio and Dallas.

Only 55% of consumers listed their overall best brewery as the same one they listed as producing the best beer. Only 20% of consumers said that they base brewery visits solely on beer, with taproom atmosphere being the most important other factor in visiting a new craft brewery.

265 breweries received at least 1 consumer mention, and in total we collected over 52,000 data points that fed into the full 40-page Texas Craft Beer Report. For our first publication we were pleased with the response from the Texas craft beer-drinking public.


Download the full Texas Craft Beer Report here

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The 2019 Texas Craft Brewery Rankings

Texas Craft Brewery Rankings

The Texas Craft Brewery Rankings were calculated using input from consumers and craft brewing professional in 4 categories: overall consumer perception (40%), reputation for producing the best beer (40%), excitement for the next 12 months (15%) and contribution to growth of the TX craft beer industry (5%)

For deeper information on the results, download the full Texas Craft Beer Report or read about our research methodology.

Top Texas Breweries 2019

* Asterisk notes rankings by weighted categories. Learn more.

Texas Rank Overall Brewery Metro Area City Overall Brewery Experience * Producing Best Beer * Excitement for Next 12 Months * Contribution to TX Craft Beer *
1 Jester King Brewery Austin Austin 1 1 5 3
2 Pinthouse Pizza Craft Brewpub Austin Austin 3 2 2 5
3 Saint Arnold Brewing Company Houston Houston 2 5 14 1
4 Real Ale Brewing Company Hill Country Blanco 6 3 12 4
5 B-52 Brewing Company Houston Conroe 4 7 6 19
6 Martin House Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 11 4 1 13
7 Austin Beerworks Austin Austin 5 10 9 1
8 Turning Point Beer Dallas/Fort Worth Bedford 17 8 3 16
9 Spindletap Brewery Houston Houston 15 9 8 15
10 Peticolas Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 8 12 23 9
11 Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co – ABGB Austin Austin 12 11 17 10
11 Live Oak Brewing Company Austin Austin 9 6 40 6
13 Weathered Souls Brewing Co San Antonio San Antonio 7 18 15 22
14 Ingenious Brewing Co Houston Humble 13 15 11 28
15 TUPPs Brewery Dallas/Fort Worth McKinney 23 13 4 12
16 Guadalupe Brewing San Antonio New Braunfels 10 19 18 32
17 Lazarus Brewing Austin Austin 14 17 27 14
18 Brash Brewing Company Houston Houston 18 16 28 37
19 Celestial Beerworks Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 32 14 7 32
20 5 Stones Artisan Brewery San Antonio New Braunfels 21 20 22 46
21 Community Beer Company Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 22 25 43 6
22 Islla St. Brewing San Antonio San Antonio 16 40 10 40
23 Zilker Brewing Co. Austin Austin 33 21 25 31
23 Lakewood Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Garland 19 28 44 30
23 Hops & Grain Brewery Austin Austin 31 24 31 6
26 Oddwood Ales Austin Austin 27 26 20 74
27 St. Elmo Brewing Co. Austin Austin 25 32 34 47
28 The Manhattan Project Beer Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 37 29 19 57
29 Southern Heights Brewing Co Austin Austin 49 22 13 51
30 Deep Ellum Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 30 27 70 18
31 Cowtown Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 20 50 26 57
32 Family Business Beer Austin Dripping Springs 34 42 33 22
33 8th Wonder Brewery Houston Houston 24 36 87 57
34 City Acre Brewing Houston Houston 29 48 35 90
34 Kunstler Brewing San Antonio San Antonio 36 33 54 98
36 HopFusion Ale Works Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 60 23 36 85
37 Copper Head Brewery Houston Conroe 45 39 32 100
38 (512) Brewing Company Austin Austin 46 45 47 24
39 Cactus Land Brewing Company San Antonio San Antonio 47 58 16 41
39 Altstadt Brewery Hill Country Fredericksburg 38 47 71 39
41 Freetail Brewing Company San Antonio San Antonio 43 37 101 11
42 Eureka Heights Brewing Company Houston Houston 44 34 78 110
43 Vista Brewing Austin Driftwood 39 70 39 27
44 Baa Baa Brewhouse Houston Brookshire 71 38 29 74
45 Rahr and Sons Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth 61 54 45 19
46 Lone Pint Brewing Company Houston Magnolia 64 31 88 63
47 Braindead Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas 26 56 123 67
48 Middleton Brewing San Marcos San Marcos 42 69 55 112
48 Independence Brewing Co Austin Austin 65 46 86 29
50 Armadillo Ale Works Dallas/Fort Worth Denton 35 74 82 112

Get the full
Texas Craft Beer Report

Request a download of the full 2019 report. We’ll email you a link to the entire PDF, filled with greater insight and more data.

Texas Breweries Ranked 51-100

Rank Overall Brewery (in alphabetical order) Region/Consumer Market City
51-100 11 Below Brewing Houston Houston
51-100 3 Nations Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas
51-100 4th Tap Brewing Co-op Austin Austin
51-100 903 Brewers North Texas Sherman
51-100 Acopon Brewing Austin Dripping Springs
51-100 Adelbert’s Brewery Austin Austin
51-100 Alamo Beer Company San Antonio San Antonio
51-100 Back Pew Brewing Houston Porter
51-100 Baileson Brewing Co Houston Houston
51-100 Barrow Brewing Company Austin Salado
51-100 Bitter Sisters Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Addison
51-100 Blue Owl Brewing Austin Austin
51-100 Brazos Valley Brewing Brazos Valley Brenham
51-100 BS Brewing San Antonio Seguin
51-100 Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company Houston Houston
51-100 Celis Brewery Austin Austin
51-100 Cibolo Creek Brewing San Antonio Boerne
51-100 Collective Brewing Project Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth
51-100 DeadBeach Brewery West Texas El Paso
51-100 Denton County Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Denton
51-100 Division Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Arlington
51-100 Faust Brewing Co San Antonio New Braunfels
51-100 Great Heights Brewing Houston Houston
51-100 Hi Sign Brewing Austin Austin
51-100 Holler Brewing Co. Houston Houston
51-100 Hop and Sting Brewing Co. Dallas/Fort Worth Grapevine
51-100 Intrinsic Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Garland
51-100 Last Stand Brewing Company Austin Austin
51-100 Legal Draft Beer Company Dallas/Fort Worth Arlington
51-100 New Braunfels Brewing San Antonio New Braunfels
51-100 New Main Brewing Dallas/Fort Worth Arlington
51-101 Oak Highlands Brewery Dallas/Fort Worth Dallas
51-100 Oasis Texas Brewing Company Austin Austin
51-100 On Rotation DFW Dallas
51-100 Oskar Blues Brewery Austin Austin
51-100 Red Gap Brewing Company Cisco Cisco
51-100 Red Horn Brewing Co Austin Cedar Park
51-100 Roadmap Brewing San Antonio San Antonio
51-100 Saloon Door Brewing Houston Webster
51-100 Sigma Brewing Company Houston Houston
51-100 Skull Mechanix Brewing Austin Austin
51-100 Southern Star Brewing Company Houston Conroe
51-100 Spoetzl Brewery South-Central Texas Shiner
51-100 Suds Monkey Brewing Austin Dripping Springs
51-100 Texas Beer Co Austin Taylor
51-100 The Brewtorium Austin Austin
51-100 Thirsty Planet Brewing Company Austin Austin
51-100 Twisted X Brewing Austin Dripping Springs
51-100 Vallensons Brewing Houston Pearland
51-100 Wild Acre Brewing Company Dallas/Fort Worth Fort Worth

Best New Texas Breweries in 2019

Breweries (alphabetical order) Region City
12 Fox Beer Co. Austin Dripping Springs
Astral Brewing Houston Houston
Bear King Brewing Hill Country Marble Falls
Brutal Beerworks Dallas/Fort Worth North Richland Hills
Central District Brewing Austin Austin
Megaton Brewery Houston Kingwood
Nomadic Beerworks Austin Austin
Roughhouse Brewing San Marcos Wimberley
Tall City Brewing Co. Midland Midland
True Anomaly Brewing Company Houston Houston

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Additional Insight

For further analysis of the rankings, read our rankings commentary.

Download the Texas Craft Beer Report for detailed insight into:

– the data behind the rankings and how it was collected
– the rankings broken down by category
– comparisons of consumer and craft brewing industry perceptions