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New Brewery Profile: Tall City Brewing Company in Midland

Tall City Brewing Company in Midland was named one of the top 10 Best New Breweries in Texas in the Texas Craft Beer Report.

San Antonio’s JD Duran, a.k.a @TxBeerDude, made the trip to Midland to visit Midland Brewing Co first hand, and he was more than happy to report on his experience:

JD Duran
JD Duran

JD Duran (@txbeerdude) gives his take on Midland’s Tall City Brewing Co.

Tall City Brewing Co.

I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to visit Midland’s newest craft beer brewery; Tall City Brewing Company.

Arriving in Midland on a Friday afternoon, we were met with a beautiful and massive venue, along with a very crowded parking lot. As the parking lot suggested, and despite Tall City only having been open a few months, it was a full house and not a seat to be found as we walked in the door.

I ordered a flight of four beers:

Tall City Brewing Midland
  • Bird Lady American Pale Ale
  • Haboob Hefeweizen
  • Hop Up Camper American IPA
  • Iron Orchard Stout.

Every beer was delicious, but my personal favorite was the Haboob Hefeweizen. I found this beer to be very easy drinking, it had a great flavor with notes of bananas and cloves.

Tall City’s large taproom offers both indoor and outdoor covered seating areas. We opted to hang outside under the patio heaters since it was a little chilly. It was really a great vibe; with live music, food trucks and very family-friendly.

The folks behind Tall City

I was fortunate to meet four of the five owners of Tall City Brewing Company: Jeff Thomas, Erich Schmidt, Nicholas Schmidt and Jarrod Sparks. I was truly impressed that they were either slinging beer behind the bar or bussing tables during their peak busy periods.

Once things settled down a bit, I had the opportunity to sit down for a chat with Jeff and Jarrod.

I wanted to know how the idea of Tall City Brewing was conceived. Jeff remembers a visit to Jester King in Austin with his sister back in 2016. After having 2 beers, the idea of opening a brewery back in Midland popped into his head. He then texted his two buddies Erich and Nicholas Schmidt about the idea. Their response: “We’re in!”.

Left to right: Nicholas Schmidt, Jeff Thomas, JD Duran, Erich Schmidt and Jarrod Sparks

The name Tall City pays homage to the city of Midland as it is known as the “tall city” of west Texas. In October 2016 the LLC for Tall City Brewing was acquired, a site was identified on West Golf Course Road and ground broke in late 2018. Tall City’s grand opening was November 15th, 2019.

When I asked about some of the goals for Tall City Brewing, Jarrod was clear that their goal for the next year is to become the top regional brewery in West Texas. With distribution in the works, the team will to continue to brew traditional beers while staying true to the craft. As Jeff stated, “we want our beer to taste like beer!”

Jarrod was gracious enough to give me a tour of the brewhouse, which is an amazing facility with state-of-the-art brewing equipment and most importantly – room to expand. The 5 hour drive from San Antonio was well worth it. I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for the folks of Tall City Brewing Company in Midland and beyond. From what I can see, it’s gonna be pretty bright!

Tall City’s bright and roomy taproom

About JD

JD Duran is a craft beer drinker who lives in San Antonio. He is passionate about both the San Antonio and wider Texas craft beer communities. You can find him on Instagram: TXBeerDude or at your local craft brewery!

JD Duran